There are both pleasures and pains in life. It is important not to lose hope, however, and to continue forward. A happy Monday to you!

Monday Motivational messages


It's impossible to change what happened last week, but you can choose happiness this week based on what you learned. A happy Monday to you!


Monday is just a reminder that another weekend is just around the corner.


The Monday either runs you, or the week runs you. Make your day special by choosing what makes you happy.


Wishing you a productive and inspirational start to the week. A happy Monday to you.


There is nothing more maniacal than Mondays. Be aware of your thoughts and don't let them ruin your day. A cup of coffee full of energy is the perfect way to start your day.


Monday is a new beginning for us. What's up? We have 52 Mondays in a year, 52 chances to be our best selves.


What you do on Monday can inspire you for the whole week. Don't let Monday pass you by without being productive.


Monday gives us a new opportunity to transform ourselves into our productive version and enable our willpower to chase our dreams.