Viego Quotes


Step into the shadowy realm of “League of Legends” and prepare to meet one of its most enigmatic and fearsome characters: Viego, the Ruined King. With an eerie aura surrounding him, Viego emerges from the depths of darkness, wielding his dark powers to seek redemption and vengeance. As he roams the Summoner’s Rift, his haunting quotes resonate with the weight of countless lives lost and souls consumed. From his bone-chilling taunts to the haunting echoes of his past, Viego’s words are a chilling reminder that death is merely the beginning. In this gripping journey, we delve into the cryptic verses spoken by the Ruined King, uncovering the secrets and darkness that lie within his tormented soul. Brace yourself, for the path of the Ruined King is not for the faint-hearted, and his quotes will linger in your mind long after the battle has ended.

“In a world without love, death means nothing.” – League of Legends

“Love is not so easily dissuaded.” – League of Legends, Sentinels of Light

“Isolde was my life. Viego died when she did and the ruined king was born.” – League of Legends

Senna: “Long road behind, long road ahead.” Viego: “If only love could lead the way.” – Legends of Runeterra

Kalista: “There can be no justice, only revenge.” Viego: “You hardly know what it is to have your heart broken.” – Legends of Runeterra

“And so it was that love was the gravest sin of all.” – League of Legends

“She was the star that lit my path. Without her… darkness.” – League of Legends

“There is no salvation from the dark for the dark is me.” – League of Legends

“She waits for me beyond the mist. My queen. My love. My black and broken heart.” – League of Legends

“Her eyes were portraits of a world without my cruelty.” – League of Legends

“It is such a small and fragile thing, love.” – League of Legends

Hecarim: “The shadow approaches.” Viego: “And I am the darkness that will swallow the shadow whole.” – Legends of Runeterra

“Stand against me. Call me villain. Die!” – League of Legends

“I will rip her from the jaws of death. Fate cannot stop me. Nothing can.” – League of Legends


“I cannot hear you over the tremble in your voice.” – League of Legends

Senna: “For the wicked, for the dead: I bring rest.” Viego: “There will be no rest until I bring my queen home.” – Legends of Runeterra

“She will reign again at my side, and I shall be ruined no more.” – League of Legends

“No price is too great. No atrocity beyond my reach. For her… I will do anything.” – League of Legends

Vladimir: “I’ve dressed for the occasion… in red.” Viego: “Your coat is centuries out of fashion.” – Legends of Runeterra

Upon Selection:

“Death… is only the beginning.”

“They will be judged.”
“I can hear the innocent cry out.”
“Their screams still echo within me.”
“I see the faces of all I have slain.”
“They cannot escape me.”
“I bring the storm.”
“To serve me is to be redeemed.”
“An army to command.”
“The guilty will be judged.”

“Feel their pain.”
“You cannot escape your guilt.”
“There is no innocence.”
“An end to their torment.”
“Their end is in sight.”
“Your suffering will be legendary.”
“They deserve nothing more.”

“You cannot fathom what I am.”

“Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field!”

“The Black Mist flows from me like a tide.”
“I remember her sinking beneath the waters… and then… and then…”
“A world that would rob me of beauty is a world that deserves destruction.”
“Hate me if you must. But know that I will not stop until I have found her.”
“All who live will serve!”
“The dead will not rest until I am whole once more.”
“This flesh will do.”
“You are not the hero of this tale. You are not anything.”
“Take me to her! Now!”
These quotes show Viego’s obsession with his lost love, Isolde, and his desire to bring her back to life. They also show his power and ruthlessness, as he is willing to destroy anything and anyone who gets in his way.
“I was once a king, but now I am a monster. And I will not rest until I have made those who wronged me pay.”
“I am not a man anymore. I am the Ruined King. And I will not be denied.”
“I will not let her go. Not again.”
“I will find her, no matter what it takes.”
“I am the end of all things.”

“I am the last of my line. The last of the Blessed Isles. And I will not go quietly into the night.”
“I have seen the end of the world, and it is beautiful.”
“I am the embodiment of all that is lost and forgotten. And I will not rest until I have claimed everything that was taken from me.”
“I am the Ruined King. And I am coming for you.”
“I will not be denied. I will not be stopped. I will have my revenge.”
“I am the storm that consumes all. I am the darkness that swallows the light. I am the end of everything.”
“I will not be bound by your laws. I will not be constrained by your morality. I am the Ruined King, and I am free.”
“I have seen the true face of the world, and it is not beautiful. It is not kind. It is not just. It is a world of pain and suffering, of death and destruction. And I will not let it continue.”
“I will tear down this world and build a new one in its place. A world without pain, without suffering, without death. A world where Isolde can live forever.”
“I am the only one who can save this world. I am the only one who can bring peace. I am the Ruined King.”

“Every soul I touch is another name in the mist.”
“A kingdom fallen is merely an opportunity to rebuild.”
“What is dead can never die, but rises harder and stronger.”
“In the end, we all return to the sea of souls.”
“The Isles may be ruined, but my will is unyielding.”
“Once a king, now a wretched spirit.”
“The Black Mist follows in my wake.”
“I will find you, Isolde, no matter the cost.”
“Death cannot hold me forever.”
“Their spirits will join the chorus of the damned.”